Welcome to Red Thunder Association
 Welcome to the drums of Peace and Harmony...music of the Original People

All Indigenous people

 Solidarity through friendship
We are Rez Riders:
Some ride horses, some hot rods,  some ride dirt bikes or motorcycles, some pull canoes, some with ATV's, some ride the basketball courts, some wrestle, some karate, some music...most all do Pow Wows!

song: Inchellium
 artist: Jim Boyd


(Red Thunder)

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Showcasing the skills, talents, and true nature of Indigenous/Indian people...

...as reflected in the activities of our daily lives!


Welcome to the Red Thunder Association web site!

An Association for Indigenous people - their Descendants - their relatives - their friends!

This Indigenous association offers members a sense of belonging and friendship that they might not otherwise find in their every day lives.  While we may be friends with our coworkers and our family, sometimes it is nice to have a group of friends that feel like our second family with the same passions as we have.

With Red Thunder Association, many members like the idea of belonging to a group of Indigenous/Indian individuals that have a love for the same things they do, albeit custom cars clubs, sports clubs, chess clubs, motorcycles, etc.


We are The Ancients, and our skin is red...with us, the Sacred Color.
Asa Delugie, War Chief of The Mescalero Apaches

We are an Association of Indigenous Peoples who enjoy competition in the things we....

...drive, ride, sail, canoe, hunt, fish, pow wow via our horses, hot rods, 4x4's, motorcycles, boats, planes...etc.!
 This is the best opportunity for people who share common interests to get together and make new friends and contacts.
Although many of our members ride motorcycles...many pull canoes, hit the back country on ATV's... we do it all!
You may meet our members with their membership vest at a marina, on the prairie, at a pow wow, stick game, social gatherings where we can share
interests, swap tails...and enjoy each others company in a fashion that befits us!
This then is our alignment...or "lack" of alignment protocol.
While we are respectful of other lifestyles - we do not choose to live a lifestyle that is not positive for our people..
We embrace and align ourselves with Our Tribes/Nations, Pow Wow events, and other Native people of the World...
We strive to be courteous and respectful to all people...it's not always easy.
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